# queryProfileMetadata

Returns metadata for an individual's profile.

Metadata is basic information about a StarCraft II player. It is not particularly informative by itself, but it is usually enough to identify them in the game and retrieve more detailed information on their game performance.

const StarCraft2API = require('starcraft2-api');

const sc2api = new StarCraft2API({
  region: 'us',
  clientId: 'client id',
  clientSecret: 'client secret'

const data = await sc2api.queryProfileMetadata({
  regionId: 1,
  realmId: 1,
  profileId: 1084304,


// Do something with data

# Parameter object properties

  • regionId (string / number) - player region id
  • realmId (string / number) - player realm id
  • profileId (string / number) - player profile id
  • options (object, optional) - query options (opens new window)
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